Loving Veterans To Life

Holidays for Heroes

October is coming to a close and the holidays are fast approaching us and we must never forget those that have sacrificed their lives for our ability to enjoy holidays with our loved ones. This year, Valiant Veterans is adopting the veterans at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans and will be providing each of them with Holiday “Go Bags” containing the essentials they need, with a few holiday candy items as well.

It is important that we do not forget our veterans, especially our homeless veterans, many of whom will receive nothing this holiday. In addition to the New England Center for Homeless Veterans, we will be reaching out to many of the veterans we come in contact with on a daily basis.

We need your help in making these bags a reality and there are several ways you can help:

1. Send a check to LiveLife Center for $40 which is the retail cost of a completed bag and mail to:
LiveLife Center
867 Grafton St #10 #2
Worcester MA 01604

2. Visit our Amazon wishlist and donate one or several items from the following list:

3. Purchase and donate items of your choosing 0r from our wishlist below by mailing to:
LiveLife Center
Attn: Holidays for Heroes
867 Grafton St #10 #2
Worcester MA 01604

4. Purchase and donate items of your choosing from our wishlist below and bring to a drop off location:

574 Hartford Trnpke
Shrewsbury MA 01545
November 6 through December 15

Lunenburg Gulf
451 Massachusetts Avenue
Lunenburg, Ma 01462
November 10 through December 15

5. Mail holiday cards with love, appreciation and support for our homeless veterans to:
LiveLife Center
Attn: Holiday for Heroes
867 Grafton St #10 #2
Worcester MA 01604

We are looking forward to an incredible holiday season with many exciting things and we are very grateful for all of those able to support the Holidays for Heroes program! If you have any questions please email amanda@valiantveterans.org

Holidays for Heroes WISHLIST!

1. New Thermal socks
2. New Hats
3. New Gloves
4. New Scarves
5.Hand warmers
6. New Tooth brushes
7. Tooth paste
8. Body wash
9. Shampoo w/conditioner
10. Razors
11. Shaving cream (men and womens)
12. Hot chocolate
13. Holiday Candy
14. Holiday cards with wishes, support and appreciation
15. protein bars or cereal bars
16. Chewing Gum