Loving Veterans To Life

October ’14 Updates

We unveiled our vision and mission to many community leaders at a phenomenal dinner on site. The evening showcased a tour of the facility and part of the property, a catered dinner and powerful presentation of what the LiveLife Center will accomplish, why it is needed, and the ways in which our veterans and their families will be effected. Our “Launching Partners” campaign was also launched and many are coming along side of us in support of our mission and vision. If you would like to join us as a Launching Partner (Donation of $1,000 or more) please contact us for more information.

Further, we have signed the P&S on the property and we have moved forward into the next phase of our due diligence. We are meeting with the town planner, town selectmen, senators as well as engineers as we move forward with marking the property so that we can move into the design phase! Many are excited and ready to join us and we too are happy at the new friendships and collaborations being established to give our veterans and their families the support they need and deserve.

October 2nd through October 5th we had the wonderful privilege to meet our anonymous donor, Sarah Ceney who visited us from Illinois. Over the last several months she has contributed $20,000 in support of the mission ‘Loving People to Life’ and it was an honor to spend the weekend with her and share time with her on a tour around Boston and of course, no trip to New England in the fall is complete with out a trip to the orchard for some pumpkin and apple picking! We look forward to many more visits and fun times with our incredible new friend.

Sgt Juan Valdez and his fiancee Christen McGrath have been added to our leadership team, and also joined us the first weekend of October. Sgt Juan Valdez served 10 years in the United States Marine Corps with 4 deployments, a Purple Heart, Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Valor and many other commendations. Upon his retirement in December 2013, with many life changes occurring, a retirement party never occurred.
10659327_698635300217612_5570072978954112499_nOn Saturday October 4, 2014 Sgt Valdez received a surprise retirement party in honor of his service and sacrifices to our country. Many friends, family, and even strangers came out to support him and thank him for his service. He received many honors that weekend including; flying a flag over the USS Constitution which was then presented to him with a citation and flag box made from an old plank from the USS Constitution, a gubernatorial citation from Governor Deval Patrick, a congressional citation from Congressman James McGovern as well as a flag flown over Fenway Park in his honor during a Red Sox/Yankees game. He was truly humbled and thankful for all the support he received and expresses his deepest gratitude to all who came and all who made the day possible.

10626130_701976893216786_294887399822053110_oWe are also grateful for our time spent with Boston VA Commissioner Francisco Urena, who has become a great friend and advocate for Valiant Veterans. He joined us for our dinner at the property, and spent the afternoon with us last week discussing ways in which we can collaborate and better support our veterans. Commissioner Urena is a decorated Marine who’s passion for his fellow brothers and sisters is clear through his tireless efforts in ensuring organizations and veterans receive the support and needed resources.

JOIN US Thursday November 6th from 7p to 9p10423752_693664384048037_104236729958987230_n
For an amazing evening of wine tasting at the historic Hebert Candies featuring:
-Fun wine pairings with cheeses, chocolate and fudge
-Commemorative take home wine glasses
-Exclusive after hours private shopping
-Fun chocolate fruit dipping stations
-Raffles (SMART TV, Kindle Fire HDs, Nikon Digital Camera)
-Silent auctions
-Door prizes- gift baskets, tablets
-Meet and greet Corporal Gunnar and newest addition Scout

**Cocktail/Business attire

**ONLY 150 Tickets available!! 98 remaining***
MUST be purchased before 11/3
E-mail: info@livelifecenter.org to purchase tickets or with questions.
You may also purchase by mailing a check made payable to LIVELIFE CENTER (noted for wine tasting) to
LiveLife Center
867 Grafton St #10 #2
Worcester MA 01604
Tickets are first come first serve



While we are in a transitional phase and working hard to ready the LiveLife Center, we are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with the Heartillery Group for Operation Christmas Cards this year, as well as Hero Helpers of America for those wishing to donate care package items. You can find card guidelines in the OCC portion of our website, but the biggest changes to it are the address and who donations are made out to.

1. Donations are to be made out to “Heartillery Group”
2. Addresses for your loved ones and friends to receive cards can be emailed to love@heartillerygroup.com
3. Cards and donations can be mailed to:
Operation Christmas Cards
PO BOX 612 Norwood MA 02062

Be sure to follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/operationchristmascards for continued updates and future information.

Please also visit www.heartillerygroup.com for more information as well as www.herohelpersofamerica.org for all care package information!


10653465_513578628776674_4818503725024385451_nGunnar is doing great in his training and continues to receive praise everywhere he goes. On September 21st he passed his Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC) and became CGC Certified in an “advanced setting”. The evaluator was impressed with his behavior as huskies are notoriously stubborn. He will soon be passing his AKC Community Canine and meets all the standards of Assistance Dogs Internationals and requirements for their service dogs.

10410192_518581808276356_8600931556084336160_nGunnar was excited to spend the weekend with his best buddy Midas, a boxer and service dog to Sgt Juan Valdez. Midas serves as the 2014 mascot for Dogs on Deployment and he and Gunnar serve as examples not only of what service dogs can do for our veterans, but as symbols of hope. 22 Veterans per day commit suicide and service dogs like Midas and Gunnar CAN and DO save lives, and through their facebook pages, they are making a difference as well as educating people on service dogs and service dog etiquette.  He has been an incredible example for our newest addition, Scout, who is also a husky/malamute mix and learning fast! We are looking forward to his veteran returning home and the day that we get to pair them together. Gunnars Marine is a close friend for whom we purchased Gunnar for and who will be living and working at the LiveLife Center as part of our executive staff in the future.


10360214_562474387213936_330781827075618203_nOn September 27th our newest addition Scout arrived. He is a husky/malamute mix just as Gunnar is and we are pleased to say that he adjusted quickly and fit right into his new home and surrounds. He too will be trained as a service dog that will also spend time as a therapy dog at the LiveLife Center loving on the veterans and their families in our various programs. As of 10/16/14 he is 10 weeks old, potty trained and knows the commands; “come”, “sit”, “leave it” and has nearly mastered “down”. He is learning quite quickly and we have high expectations for him as he continues to learn and grow.


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