Loving Veterans To Life

Thanksgiving for military families in need

color-thanksgv-military-webOur military families sacrifice so much for the freedoms that so many of us take for granted. They miss holidays, birthdays, weddings and other milestones to keep our family free and ask for nothing in return. Unfortunately, many of these proud military families can’t always enjoy what we do because of their sacrifices, even when their family is together.

Holidays are often a tough time and they should never have to be. This year, Valiant Veterans would like to provide 20+ families with Thanksgiving meals to show our appreciation for all that they have done for us. Sgt Juan Valdez and Christy McGrath, our West Coast team will be coordinating Thanksgiving dinner for many of those remaining in the barracks with no where to go for the holiday. They and their volunteers will be spending their Thanksgiving with these men and women ensuring its a fun filled day that they will not forget. There are two ways that you can help make this happen for 40+ service men and women:

1. $250 is needed to purchase 10 turkeys….we need 10 people to donate $25 at www.valiantveterans.org/donations/ to purchase all 10 turkeys.

2. Valiant Veterans will be distributing at least 10 or more meals here, please help us purchase all 10 “Thanksgiving in a Box” meals

We often take our freedoms for granted and forget that while we enjoy time with our families, there are many homes across the country who have empty seats at their dinner table while their loved one is away defending our freedoms and all too often, that seat will remain empty for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Please join us in Loving Veterans to Life and provide Thanksgiving Meals to those who have given us so much!