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In 12 years of war we have lost 3,528 men and women in combat and for the 21.8 million US veterans a new war starts when they come home. Each day 22 veterans commit suicide. Thats a staggering number and while most know that statistic now, most haven’t taken the time to do the math…22 veterans X 365 days = 8,030 US Veterans take their own life each YEAR!! Our veterans account for 7% of the population yet make up 20% of all suicides.
Studies are under way right now to prove just how much of an impact service dogs truly have on our returning veterans, but to those already paired with them…they undoubtedly credit their life battle buddy with saving their life. Did you know that 1 in 3 veterans are prescribed 10 or more medications which consist of narcotics and anti psychotics resulting in 30 or more pills a day? Did you also know that a service dog can significantly decrease the amount of medication a veteran needs to take and in some cases, eliminate medication all together?

Dogs have a profound impact in our lives, and those of you who have pet dogs know just how much of a difference they can make. Now imagine that your best friend is trained to assist you throughout your daily life, not only providing you constant companionship and unconditional love, but reminding you to take medication, waking from night terrors, acting as a visual and physical barrier in crowded public places, turning on light switches, opening doors, fetching different items and in other words helping you regain your independence and enable and empower you to live the life you fought for.  Service dogs can and do save lives and they are saving the lives of our veterans. Your donations will greatly support the Gunnar Center which operates 100% on donations to assist veterans in owner training their own service dogs and providing more resources and educational support about them to teams and those within the community.

We are looking for a minimum of 22 people each day (the hope is that you donate once and encourage other friends and family to donate as well so that we can continue to raise awareness for veterans suicide) for the next 22 days to contribute $22 to raise awareness for veterans suicide while helping veterans in owner training their own service dogs to combat the suicide epidemic. Whether you are able to donate $22 for 22 days ($484) or able to contribute $22 for one day, your donation will directly impact the lives of veterans and help combat this severe problem.

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www.valiantveterans.org for more information

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