Loving Veterans To Life


By now you have heard or even participated in the “ice bucket challenge” and some of you have sent amazing ideas to us for Valiant Veterans to use. Recently we posted a crazy photo of Gunnar, which a fan captioned “cheesing for charity” and we thought that was great! A smile….simple and can be done by all ages and all species and something that brightens everyones day. How can you not smile at a sweet baby, or a smiling horse? So lets use that to raise much needed awareness and discussion for the suicide epidemic among our veterans at an alarming 22 veterans a day and when the media talks about the newest social media challenge, they will be forced to talk about this and hopefully share resources within their communities.

So whats the challenge?

We want to see an epic, sweet, funny cheesing photo of you, your children, your loved ones and even your animals and ask that you donate $22 to Valiant Veterans in memory of the 22 veterans that commit suicide each day to support their mission of #LovingVeteranstoLife (www.valiantveterans.org/donations)
Then tag/challenge 5 or more of your friends who need a smile or who have a smile that should be shared.

With all the crazy things going on in the world, we could all use a few more reasons to smile AND did you know that many of those who have attempted suicide have said that if someone even smiled in their direction, maybe they would not have tried that day?

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ‘1-800-273-TALK (8255)’
Veterans Crisis Line-1-800-273-8255 and Press 1

*We will pick one or more photos in each of the following categories each day to feature
-Most creative
-Most Epic

What are your donations supporting?
The establishing of the LiveLife Center in Central Massachusetts and the outfitting of the Gunnar Center which is assisting veterans in owner training their own service dogs for free with the long term goal of being nationwide. Many organizations are reporting 100% success rates in combating veterans suicides through the use of service dogs. Donations will also fund many of the non traditional therapies such as art, music, equine, farming and more for the entire family and establish new programs such as The Wire for veterans in recovery and much more!

Be sure to LIKE the new “Cheesin4Charity” Facebook page for updates, and featured photos to see if you have been chosen.

Thank you for joining us in ‘Loving Veterans to Life’!

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