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ARTillery: The Power of Art. Equipping veterans and their family with the power of art as a way of life.

Valiant Veterans in collaboration with The Artist Palette proudly presents ARTillery; an art therapy program for veterans, their spouses and children of veterans effected by combat PTSD. The classes allow each participant the opportunity to work in small groups and experience the process and power of art.

The Artist Palette provides a clean and safe environment where participants are able to relax without fear of being judged or criticized for their work. Veterans are encouraged to be themselves and let it shine through their art. Self-expression is strongly promoted to build social skills, self-esteem, coping skills for difficult situations, as well as healthy and creative critical thinking skills. In the future we hope that our veterans will desire to participate in community based projects and feel the sense of security and camaraderie that was experienced in the military.

ARTillery is a one day, one and a half hour, 6 week program. Each week participants can expect a new project with all the supplies, tools and techniques to complete a personal masterpiece that will proudly be displayed in a public gallery exhibit at the end of the program.

If you are a veteran, spouse or parent/guardian of a child effected by combat PTSD, please join us for ARTillery.

If you are interested in participating we would love to have you however, space is limited so please contact Amanda at amanda@valiantveterans.org If you do not make it into one session you will have first choice in the next sessions.

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