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ARTillery: The Power of Art. Equipping veterans and their family with the power of art as a way of life to #SAVE22 a day!

Valiant Veterans in collaboration with The Artist Palette proudly presented ARTillery; an art therapy program for veterans and children of veterans effected by combat PTSD in 2014. The classes allowed each participant the opportunity to work in small groups and experience the process and the power of art. We ran the program in 8 week cycles for two years until it took a hiatus for the medical leave of its founder, Amanda Sullivan.

Now, we are getting ready to launch ARTillery in a new way! Instead of a classroom setting, these will be art meet up groups in Gloucester MA for veterans and even civilians that are looking to experience #ThePowerofArt and meet others. Those joining are to bring their own supplies if they have them, however, we will also provide an array of materials and supplies for participants to use, experiment with and explore, especially for those that can not afford art supplies.

In addition to the meet up groups in Gloucester MA, we are looking to create a strong online community including peer to to peer support. We will provide daily prompts to help get your minds turning and choose subject matters or even simply a word for you to interpret through art. We also plan to add weekly live streams to answer questions, give demonstrations, share products and more.

The mission of this, to equip veterans and their families with the power of art as a way of life and to SAVE22! With 22 veterans taking their lives each day, we want to introduce art as another tool for the healing tool box and a way that can literally save your life some days, just like it has done for veteran and amputee extraordinaire Derek Weida.

Now, the challenge for us? You are thinking and saying “but, I am not an artist!”. That is the beauty of this, you don’t have to be an artist for this program to help you. Whether its simply drawing circles over and over, endless lines or scribbling with paint or markers, the art process can and will heal you and give you a reprieve from the thoughts that consume your mind.

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