Caribbean Stud Betting Odds

One of the most fun aspects of games like Caribbean Stud poker online is the opportunity to win odds on your bets, that is, win more money than you have risked. In online Caribbean Stud poker, you win odds whenever you have raised and the dealer qualifies, assuming you win the hand. Here are some of the odds payouts you can enjoy in online Caribbean stud. Studying the odds carefully is one of the best ways to learn Caribbean Stud .

Odds in Online Caribbean Stud

If you are dealt a royal flush in online Caribbean stud poker, you will get paid off at 100-to-1, meaning if you initially wagered $25 you would win $5,025. ($25 on your ante bet plus $50×100 on your raise). However the true odds of being dealt a royal flush are about one in a million, so don’t hold your breath waiting for this. Slightly more possible is a straight flush, which pays 50-to-1 if you hit it. Four of a kind generally pays off at 20-to-1, with a full house paying 7-to-1. You have about a 1,000-to-1 chance of making a flush, which pays off at 5-to-1 and a 500-to-1 chance of making a straight, which pays 4-to-1. Three of a kind pays you at 3-to-1, two pair 2-to-1 and a pair or less pays even money. While these odds are not exactly favorable, remember that you will be dealt many hands over the course of your online Caribbean stud session, so hitting some of these hands is not as unlikely as it might appear.

Progressive Odds in Online Caribbean Stud

The payoff odds on the progressive jackpot wager, assuming a $1 side bet, are as follows: For the royal flush, it is variable, since you win the entire jackpot pool and that pool fluctuates depending on how much has been paid into it. Similarly, a straight flush, which pays 10 percent of that pool, offers variable odds. The odds on four of a kind pay 100-to-1, on a full house 75-to-1 and on a flush 50-to-1.

Notes on Caribbean Stud Odds

Remember that although the payout odds are much lower than the true odds, this fact is mitigated by the fact that you will often be able to fold losing hands for one unit, while you will be able to get odds on two units. This evens things out a bit, although obviously the house retains an advantage.
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October 22, 2018