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By now you have heard or even participated in the “ice bucket challenge” and some of you have sent amazing ideas to us for Valiant Veterans to use. Recently we posted a crazy photo of Gunnar, which a fan captioned “cheesing for charity” and we thought that was great! A smile….simple and can be done by all ages and all species and something that brightens everyones day. How can you not smile at a sweet baby, or a smiling horse? So lets use that to raise much needed awareness and discussion for the suicide epidemic among our veterans at an alarming 22 veterans a day and when the media talks about the newest social media challenge, they will be forced to talk about this and hopefully share resources within their communities.

So whats the challenge?

We want to see an epic, sweet, funny cheesing photo of you, your children, your loved ones and even your animals and ask that you donate $22 to Valiant Veterans in memory of the 22 veterans that commit suicide each day to support their mission of #LovingVeteranstoLife (www.valiantveterans.org/donations)
Then tag/challenge 5 or more of your friends who need a smile or who have a smile that should be shared.

With all the crazy things going on in the world, we could all use a few more reasons to smile AND did you know that many of those who have attempted suicide have said that if someone even smiled in their direction, maybe they would not have tried that day?

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ‘1-800-273-TALK (8255)’
Veterans Crisis Line-1-800-273-8255 and Press 1

*We will pick one or more photos in each of the following categories each day to feature
-Most creative
-Most Epic

What are your donations supporting?
The establishing of the LiveLife Center in Central Massachusetts and the outfitting of the Gunnar Center which is assisting veterans in owner training their own service dogs for free with the long term goal of being nationwide. Many organizations are reporting 100% success rates in combating veterans suicides through the use of service dogs. Donations will also fund many of the non traditional therapies such as art, music, equine, farming and more for the entire family and establish new programs such as The Wire for veterans in recovery and much more!

Be sure to LIKE the new “Cheesin4Charity” Facebook page for updates, and featured photos to see if you have been chosen.

Thank you for joining us in ‘Loving Veterans to Life’!

$22 from 22 for 22

In 12 years of war we have lost 3,528 men and women in combat and for the 21.8 million US veterans a new war starts when they come home. Each day 22 veterans commit suicide. Thats a staggering number and while most know that statistic now, most haven’t taken the time to do the math…22 veterans X 365 days = 8,030 US Veterans take their own life each YEAR!! Our veterans account for 7% of the population yet make up 20% of all suicides.
Studies are under way right now to prove just how much of an impact service dogs truly have on our returning veterans, but to those already paired with them…they undoubtedly credit their life battle buddy with saving their life. Did you know that 1 in 3 veterans are prescribed 10 or more medications which consist of narcotics and anti psychotics resulting in 30 or more pills a day? Did you also know that a service dog can significantly decrease the amount of medication a veteran needs to take and in some cases, eliminate medication all together?

Dogs have a profound impact in our lives, and those of you who have pet dogs know just how much of a difference they can make. Now imagine that your best friend is trained to assist you throughout your daily life, not only providing you constant companionship and unconditional love, but reminding you to take medication, waking from night terrors, acting as a visual and physical barrier in crowded public places, turning on light switches, opening doors, fetching different items and in other words helping you regain your independence and enable and empower you to live the life you fought for.  Service dogs can and do save lives and they are saving the lives of our veterans. Your donations will greatly support the Gunnar Center which operates 100% on donations to assist veterans in owner training their own service dogs and providing more resources and educational support about them to teams and those within the community.

We are looking for a minimum of 22 people each day (the hope is that you donate once and encourage other friends and family to donate as well so that we can continue to raise awareness for veterans suicide) for the next 22 days to contribute $22 to raise awareness for veterans suicide while helping veterans in owner training their own service dogs to combat the suicide epidemic. Whether you are able to donate $22 for 22 days ($484) or able to contribute $22 for one day, your donation will directly impact the lives of veterans and help combat this severe problem.

For those who prefer paypal please visit:

To send a check, please make payable to: Valiant Veterans and mail to:
Valiant Veterans
867 Grafton St #10 #2
Worcester MA 01604

www.valiantveterans.org for more information

www.facebook.com/gunnarcenter to follow our journey and the teams we work with.

Mission COMPLETE! December ’14 updates

As we have all officially welcomed in 2015 we are looking forward to an incredible year, but first reflect upon an incredible end to 2014!

Holiday season is always busy and this year was no different. Nearly 1,000 lives were impacted in various ways from gift cards, pizza parties, holiday dinners, gift bags, gifts and more.

In November we launched Holidays for Heroes and thanks to the incredible generosity to hundreds of people both local and nationally as well as dozens of volunteers, we are proud to say the mission is COMPLETE!! Our major effort was the adoption of the New England Center for Homeless Veterans and the collection of some $40,000 in items to fill over 300 (an additional 100 for those locally) gift bags with essential items and goodies for these homeless veterans. For 6 weeks donations poured in from across the country and were packed and loaded in two hours by four incredible young service men. Bags included thermal socks, new hats, gloves, scarves, handmade candy from our friends at Hebert Candies, toiletries, and more. They were delivered just in time for the holidays on Monday December 22nd!
10153686_738562589558216_3109252062162455648_n 10850166_739770019437473_6731801169568505593_n
In addition to this effort the following was also accomplished as part of our Holidays for Heroes program:
-Assisted 215 military families with needed holiday gifts!
-Holiday care packages and stockings for 112 deployed service members
-Our West Coast Adopt A Marine helped 6 single Marines and 3 families organized by Sgt Valdez, Christy and Midas
-On behalf of the LiveLife Center, a complete Christmas dinner and holiday party for 100 people in recovery was provided for those in Opening Heavens Door Ministry.
-Operation Christmas Cards helped #MissionHoliday cards collect over 100,000 cards for the troops and an additional 60,000+ cards were sent out on behalf of OCC
-Lastly 70 holiday care bags for those in recovery were made with essentials and new blankets. The recovery homes they stay in will be receiving new bedding for its 95+ beds, new bath/hand/face towel sets for each person, new blankets and many house hold needs!
December was also filled with other incredible moments. Our newest puppy Scout aced his first Puppy K class mastering all of his basic obedience skills as well as a few tricks like paw, other paw and turn around. He was also unofficially pinned by LCpl Shea as well as many members of the USS Constitution including the Lt. Commander (XO) of the ship! We enjoyed a great afternoon with many members of the crew and provided a holiday pizza party to thank them not only for serving our country but all they do while stationed here in Boston. Members of the ship are heavily active in volunteer work and are always excited when we visit the ship with the boys. We were very excited that Sgt Valdez and Midas were able to join us for many of these deliveries when they arrived in Boston for the holidays. It was great having the majority of the team together and we were happy to see them and happy that our volunteers got to enjoy some time with Juan and Midas as well.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who have and continue to support the incredible work of Valiant Veterans and the mission of #LovingVeteranstoLife. It is the many of you who donate and volunteer that are impacting and changing the lives of these veterans across the country and assisting with a friendly handup. Whether you are directly helping our efforts or those within your own communities we are very thankful that you have joined us in Loving Veterans to Life! We are looking forward to a power packed and incredible 2015 and can’t wait to see you along the way!!

November ’14 Updates


November and Thanksgiving have come and gone and it was a tremendous time for Valiant Veterans and the LiveLife Center with many things happening! We hope that you enjoyed Thanksgiving with your families and friends and to thank those who have served and continue to serve our country.

We are pleased to say that we kicked off the month raising needed items for a Vietnam Era veteran as well as a single dad in Oregon, collecting nearly $2,000 in items for them in just over 24 hours. New food, baby clothes, diapers, cleaning supplies, a computer and more were among the things donated to these incredible men and it was amazing to watch the outpouring of support for them from across the country.

From there, we quickly moved into our Vino for Vets Wine Tasting and had a great night at the historic Hebert Candy Mansion joined by an incredible corporate sponsor, Wegmans! Guests were able to sample various wines paired with cheeses and chocolates and were treated to homemade fudge and hand dipped chocolate strawberries as well as some incredible raffle prizes all to raise funds towards the purchase of the LiveLife Center. They also heard first hand our vision and mission and saw an incredible presentation filled with photos of the LiveLife Center and what and why we are establishing! We all had a fantastic time and we are looking forward to it next year!

Veterans Day:
Valiant Veterans hosted its 3rd annual coining ceremony thanking our veterans for all that they have sacrificed for our country. Whether they served in combat or were prepared and at the ready during peace time, we feel its important to recognize all who have served no matter when they served. We are the land of the free because of the brave and we were honored to thank some who have never heard the words “Thank you for your service!” We spent veterans day visiting with those who have served, handing out “GoBags” to those in need and bringing a much needed visit, food and household items to a Vietnam Era veteran who needed a hand up. Our team was very honored and humbled to have spent the day with such amazing men and women who have served their country.
Veterans Day
Our Operation Christmas Cards program began 5 years ago in 2009, to date sending 1.5 million cards. In 2012 we began a great relationship with the New England Patriots and their Charitable Foundation all in support of OCC. We were very honored to support them for the 3rd year in their efforts to recognize our service men and women and go above and beyond for those who have sacrificed so much for us. They are truly an organization that goes above and beyond for our troops and had a spectacular day to honor them! Our teams were humbled to set up during the VIP tailgate party in The Hall at Patriots place, Dana Farber Field House, both executive suites as well as the main concourse, giving fans and veterans alike the opportunity to make Christmas cards for our service men and women. So thankful for our incredible volunteers who joined us for the day helping make everything possible and especially thankful for LCpl Mike Shea and his entire family for all that they sacrifice, as well as all that they give back to our military families! Thank you to the Patriots for honoring our service men and women in such incredible fashion, and thank you to them for providing an incredible day for our volunteers as well!

The holidays are especially hard for many military families as many are deployed, or stationed away from family making this a lonely time of year. Many assume, that because military members are stateside that means they will be with family for the holidays and that is not always the case and for some families, finding the funds for this special meal is difficult. We are very thankful to have collaborated with our friends at Operation Ward 57 to provide holiday meals for 10 military families in need out in Washington feeding over 50! Out in California, our West Coast team, Christy, Juan and Midas did a tremendous job! Initially planning to feed 40 active duty Marines at Camp Pendleton who would not make it home, we are proud to say that they organized the feeding over 25 families with over 200+ active duty Marines and families in need! Donations came pouring in from across the country through Gunnars facebook page to make this possible as well as Christy’s hardwork in approaching companies such as Trader Joes who provided some of the turkeys needed. One of Gunnars fans even got the chance to meet Midas, when we put out the call asking if any lived near Camp Pendleton and could help… they brought 3 turkeys and some meal fixings!! From the East Coast to the West Coast this was truly a team effort made possible by the donations that came in from across the country to support our troops!
This program is off to an incredible start. 215 gifts were collected for veterans and military children and spouses as well as holiday gifts and care packages for 50 Marines and Soldiers who are deployed! We are working hard and in the process of collecting needed items to provide Holiday “GoBags” for over 300 homeless veterans that will be filled with essential items as well as some holiday goodies! These bags will be supporting those living at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans in Boston and given to various others through out the state. Our veterans should not be homeless, they should not be going without and they certainly should not be forgotten during the holidays. We are tremendously grateful for the donations that are coming in from across the country, the Christmas Cards that will fill each bag made at the Patriots Salute to Service game and to our generous donors and drop locations at Heberty Candies in Shrewsbury, Gibsons Natural Pet in Worcester, Gibsons Kennel in Grafton as well as Lunenburg Gulf in Lunenburg! To find out how you can help visit www.valiantveterans.org/holidays-for-heroes/

It has been a fantastic month supporting many of our military and we are looking to an even more incredible December with lots to share and lots happening! Be sure to follow us on facebook to keep up with all of our current events especially with exciting times ahead for service dog Corporal Gunnar as he readies for his Marine and service dog in training Scout as he continues to exceed all expectations of him. Valiant Veterans and the LiveLife Center continue connecting and meeting with incredible partners for the LiveLife Center including Milford Regional Hospital, Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce and we are greatly looking forward to our upcoming meetings with Raytheon and the Wounded Warrior program to discuss the ways in which we will impact our veterans together!

In your holiday and year end giving please remember that Valiant Veterans the LiveLife Center are in the midst of a very important Launching Campaign and we are in the process of raising $200,000 to purchase and launch the LiveLife Center! Visit www.valiantveterans.org/donations/ to contribute and to learn how to become a “Launching” or “Sustaining Partner” of the LiveLife Center.



Thanksgiving for military families in need

color-thanksgv-military-webOur military families sacrifice so much for the freedoms that so many of us take for granted. They miss holidays, birthdays, weddings and other milestones to keep our family free and ask for nothing in return. Unfortunately, many of these proud military families can’t always enjoy what we do because of their sacrifices, even when their family is together.

Holidays are often a tough time and they should never have to be. This year, Valiant Veterans would like to provide 20+ families with Thanksgiving meals to show our appreciation for all that they have done for us. Sgt Juan Valdez and Christy McGrath, our West Coast team will be coordinating Thanksgiving dinner for many of those remaining in the barracks with no where to go for the holiday. They and their volunteers will be spending their Thanksgiving with these men and women ensuring its a fun filled day that they will not forget. There are two ways that you can help make this happen for 40+ service men and women:

1. $250 is needed to purchase 10 turkeys….we need 10 people to donate $25 at www.valiantveterans.org/donations/ to purchase all 10 turkeys.

2. Valiant Veterans will be distributing at least 10 or more meals here, please help us purchase all 10 “Thanksgiving in a Box” meals

We often take our freedoms for granted and forget that while we enjoy time with our families, there are many homes across the country who have empty seats at their dinner table while their loved one is away defending our freedoms and all too often, that seat will remain empty for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Please join us in Loving Veterans to Life and provide Thanksgiving Meals to those who have given us so much!

Holidays for Heroes

October is coming to a close and the holidays are fast approaching us and we must never forget those that have sacrificed their lives for our ability to enjoy holidays with our loved ones. This year, Valiant Veterans is adopting the veterans at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans and will be providing each of them with Holiday “Go Bags” containing the essentials they need, with a few holiday candy items as well.

It is important that we do not forget our veterans, especially our homeless veterans, many of whom will receive nothing this holiday. In addition to the New England Center for Homeless Veterans, we will be reaching out to many of the veterans we come in contact with on a daily basis.

We need your help in making these bags a reality and there are several ways you can help:

1. Send a check to LiveLife Center for $40 which is the retail cost of a completed bag and mail to:
LiveLife Center
867 Grafton St #10 #2
Worcester MA 01604

2. Visit our Amazon wishlist and donate one or several items from the following list:

3. Purchase and donate items of your choosing 0r from our wishlist below by mailing to:
LiveLife Center
Attn: Holidays for Heroes
867 Grafton St #10 #2
Worcester MA 01604

4. Purchase and donate items of your choosing from our wishlist below and bring to a drop off location:

574 Hartford Trnpke
Shrewsbury MA 01545
November 6 through December 15

Lunenburg Gulf
451 Massachusetts Avenue
Lunenburg, Ma 01462
November 10 through December 15

5. Mail holiday cards with love, appreciation and support for our homeless veterans to:
LiveLife Center
Attn: Holiday for Heroes
867 Grafton St #10 #2
Worcester MA 01604

We are looking forward to an incredible holiday season with many exciting things and we are very grateful for all of those able to support the Holidays for Heroes program! If you have any questions please email amanda@valiantveterans.org

Holidays for Heroes WISHLIST!

1. New Thermal socks
2. New Hats
3. New Gloves
4. New Scarves
5.Hand warmers
6. New Tooth brushes
7. Tooth paste
8. Body wash
9. Shampoo w/conditioner
10. Razors
11. Shaving cream (men and womens)
12. Hot chocolate
13. Holiday Candy
14. Holiday cards with wishes, support and appreciation
15. protein bars or cereal bars
16. Chewing Gum

October ’14 Updates

We unveiled our vision and mission to many community leaders at a phenomenal dinner on site. The evening showcased a tour of the facility and part of the property, a catered dinner and powerful presentation of what the LiveLife Center will accomplish, why it is needed, and the ways in which our veterans and their families will be effected. Our “Launching Partners” campaign was also launched and many are coming along side of us in support of our mission and vision. If you would like to join us as a Launching Partner (Donation of $1,000 or more) please contact us for more information.

Further, we have signed the P&S on the property and we have moved forward into the next phase of our due diligence. We are meeting with the town planner, town selectmen, senators as well as engineers as we move forward with marking the property so that we can move into the design phase! Many are excited and ready to join us and we too are happy at the new friendships and collaborations being established to give our veterans and their families the support they need and deserve.

October 2nd through October 5th we had the wonderful privilege to meet our anonymous donor, Sarah Ceney who visited us from Illinois. Over the last several months she has contributed $20,000 in support of the mission ‘Loving People to Life’ and it was an honor to spend the weekend with her and share time with her on a tour around Boston and of course, no trip to New England in the fall is complete with out a trip to the orchard for some pumpkin and apple picking! We look forward to many more visits and fun times with our incredible new friend.

Sgt Juan Valdez and his fiancee Christen McGrath have been added to our leadership team, and also joined us the first weekend of October. Sgt Juan Valdez served 10 years in the United States Marine Corps with 4 deployments, a Purple Heart, Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Valor and many other commendations. Upon his retirement in December 2013, with many life changes occurring, a retirement party never occurred.
10659327_698635300217612_5570072978954112499_nOn Saturday October 4, 2014 Sgt Valdez received a surprise retirement party in honor of his service and sacrifices to our country. Many friends, family, and even strangers came out to support him and thank him for his service. He received many honors that weekend including; flying a flag over the USS Constitution which was then presented to him with a citation and flag box made from an old plank from the USS Constitution, a gubernatorial citation from Governor Deval Patrick, a congressional citation from Congressman James McGovern as well as a flag flown over Fenway Park in his honor during a Red Sox/Yankees game. He was truly humbled and thankful for all the support he received and expresses his deepest gratitude to all who came and all who made the day possible.

10626130_701976893216786_294887399822053110_oWe are also grateful for our time spent with Boston VA Commissioner Francisco Urena, who has become a great friend and advocate for Valiant Veterans. He joined us for our dinner at the property, and spent the afternoon with us last week discussing ways in which we can collaborate and better support our veterans. Commissioner Urena is a decorated Marine who’s passion for his fellow brothers and sisters is clear through his tireless efforts in ensuring organizations and veterans receive the support and needed resources.

JOIN US Thursday November 6th from 7p to 9p10423752_693664384048037_104236729958987230_n
For an amazing evening of wine tasting at the historic Hebert Candies featuring:
-Fun wine pairings with cheeses, chocolate and fudge
-Commemorative take home wine glasses
-Exclusive after hours private shopping
-Fun chocolate fruit dipping stations
-Raffles (SMART TV, Kindle Fire HDs, Nikon Digital Camera)
-Silent auctions
-Door prizes- gift baskets, tablets
-Meet and greet Corporal Gunnar and newest addition Scout

**Cocktail/Business attire

**ONLY 150 Tickets available!! 98 remaining***
MUST be purchased before 11/3
E-mail: info@livelifecenter.org to purchase tickets or with questions.
You may also purchase by mailing a check made payable to LIVELIFE CENTER (noted for wine tasting) to
LiveLife Center
867 Grafton St #10 #2
Worcester MA 01604
Tickets are first come first serve



While we are in a transitional phase and working hard to ready the LiveLife Center, we are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with the Heartillery Group for Operation Christmas Cards this year, as well as Hero Helpers of America for those wishing to donate care package items. You can find card guidelines in the OCC portion of our website, but the biggest changes to it are the address and who donations are made out to.

1. Donations are to be made out to “Heartillery Group”
2. Addresses for your loved ones and friends to receive cards can be emailed to love@heartillerygroup.com
3. Cards and donations can be mailed to:
Operation Christmas Cards
PO BOX 612 Norwood MA 02062

Be sure to follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/operationchristmascards for continued updates and future information.

Please also visit www.heartillerygroup.com for more information as well as www.herohelpersofamerica.org for all care package information!


10653465_513578628776674_4818503725024385451_nGunnar is doing great in his training and continues to receive praise everywhere he goes. On September 21st he passed his Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC) and became CGC Certified in an “advanced setting”. The evaluator was impressed with his behavior as huskies are notoriously stubborn. He will soon be passing his AKC Community Canine and meets all the standards of Assistance Dogs Internationals and requirements for their service dogs.

10410192_518581808276356_8600931556084336160_nGunnar was excited to spend the weekend with his best buddy Midas, a boxer and service dog to Sgt Juan Valdez. Midas serves as the 2014 mascot for Dogs on Deployment and he and Gunnar serve as examples not only of what service dogs can do for our veterans, but as symbols of hope. 22 Veterans per day commit suicide and service dogs like Midas and Gunnar CAN and DO save lives, and through their facebook pages, they are making a difference as well as educating people on service dogs and service dog etiquette.  He has been an incredible example for our newest addition, Scout, who is also a husky/malamute mix and learning fast! We are looking forward to his veteran returning home and the day that we get to pair them together. Gunnars Marine is a close friend for whom we purchased Gunnar for and who will be living and working at the LiveLife Center as part of our executive staff in the future.


10360214_562474387213936_330781827075618203_nOn September 27th our newest addition Scout arrived. He is a husky/malamute mix just as Gunnar is and we are pleased to say that he adjusted quickly and fit right into his new home and surrounds. He too will be trained as a service dog that will also spend time as a therapy dog at the LiveLife Center loving on the veterans and their families in our various programs. As of 10/16/14 he is 10 weeks old, potty trained and knows the commands; “come”, “sit”, “leave it” and has nearly mastered “down”. He is learning quite quickly and we have high expectations for him as he continues to learn and grow.


‘Vino for Vets’


Valiant Veterans is proud to present the first annual ‘Vino for Vets’ Wine, food and chocolate tasting event at historic Hebert Candy Mansion! Thursday November 6, 2014 from 7p-9p

-Fun wine pairings with food, chocolate and fudge
-Commemorative wine glasses
-Exclusive after hours private shopping
-Fun chocolate fruit dipping stations
-Raffles (SMART TV, Kindle Fire HDs, Nikon Digital Camera)
-Silent auctions
-Door prizes- gift baskets, tablets
-Meet and greet Corporal Gunnar and newest addition Scout

**ONLY 150 Tickets available!!***
*Cocktail/Business Attire
MUST be purchased before 11/3
E-mail: info@livelifecenter.org with question

TO PURCHASE: https://squareup.com/market/livelife-center

Introducing the LiveLife Center

For months now, many of you have been waiting patiently to hear what our plans are for the LiveLife Center.  Please see below for what is about to unfold as the first of its kind in the nation and become a model program to serve our veterans and their families.

LiveLife Center Research Overview:

Our disabled veterans, predominantly those suffering from the unseen wounds, should not have to choose between therapy and their families. Currently, if a veteran in trauma needs care, he has to separate from his family. Or, if he chooses to live at home, he is separated from the daily therapy that is often needed. The current system does not provide for families to live together, long term, while our wounded veteran is receiving daily therapeutic care. If a veteran needs overnight or long-term care, his/her only choice is a hospital setting, which is predominately institutional living. At the LiveLife Center a veteran and their family will no longer have to make this choice and will have both choices combined.

LiveLife Center Concept:

Offering a fourfold approach to the wellness and transition, of our combat veterans and families, by providing the following:

• Therapeutic wellness clinic, An inpatient/outpatient, for disabled and traumatized veterans
• Non-traditional therapy programs such as art, music, fishing, horse, dog, and multiple areas of interest, all creating an environment for the emotional and neurological state to heal. (See Valiant Veterans Programs for more information)|
• Civilian Housing; a garden style condo/apartment association with studio, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units available. (Disabled veterans and their families)
• Jobs and Workforce; by creating a eco-friendly and green environment our hydroponics farming, traditional farming, solar energy, landscaping and property management will create an estimated 50 fulltime to part-time jobs on site.

LiveLife Center Property and Facility:

Currently, we are under agreement to purchase, in central MA, a 14 acre parcel of land with a modern 2002 5 bedroom, multi-bath and function rooms, with attached space to build out the first studio transition apartments and barn for animal therapy and the ‘Gunnar Center’ an assisted training program for service dogs.

house in the distanceComing soon…The LiveLife Center

hay barnEntrance to facility and property

310 Kelly MLS 16Multipurpose dining and meeting room

family room Multipurpose function and therapy room

front view of kitchenFully equipped kitchen

Dani's room Inpatient/overnight bedroom

master bedroom Inpatient/overnight bedroom

officeClinical staff offices

front long view of goat pen Future home of the “Gunnar Center”- Service Dog Training

long view of barnFuture home of the “Gunnar Center”- Service Dog Training

workshopTrades programs

310 Kelly MLS 31Equine Therapy

goat pastureTraditional Farming Therapy

pondHydroponics Farming and spring fed pond

pasturesAcres for condo housing association

wooded pathNatural therapeutic trails

It is critical that we raise $200,000 by January 2015 
Join us and become a “Launching Partner” for $1,000 securing your place on our
“Launching Partners” Plaque

200 people donating $1,000 completes our goal!
Or become a “Launching Friend” with a donation of any amount.

Please make checks payable to LIVELIFE CENTER and mail to:
LiveLife Center 
867 Grafton St #10 #2
Worcester MA 01604

Your donation is tax deductible as we are a registered 501(3)c. Tax ID #46-4930721

GO Bags

Its hard to drive any where these days, especially within a city and not see a homeless person standing on a street corner holding a sign. We have all seen it and we have all seen the one that reads “VETERAN! Will work for food”. 1 in 4 homeless men have served our country and many from the Vietnam era. They have already sacrificed so much, most endured horrific home comings and now they are forced to live on the streets begging each day for a few extra dollars to buy food.

The sad reality is that many of us often do not stop and give them a dollar or even two for fear that they are going to buy alcohol and the vicious cycle continues. Though we cannot help every veteran, we can make a small difference in the lives of those we encounter.
With our recent order of Valiant Veterans bags, we have created “Go Bags” that have a few essentials such as small snacks, bottled water, toiletries and socks to hand out to those whom we see.

It may not seem like a lot to you, but to those who receive it, they are incredibly grateful for the generosity of those of you who have donated the needed items. Help us continue this effort!

If you would like to contribute items such as:
Travel shampoo/condition
Male/female razors
Male/Female shaving cream
Feminine Hygiene products
Body wash
Tooth paste
Protein bars
Cereal bars
Tooth brushes
Hand/feet warmers
New hats/mittens
Bottled water
Nutrition drinks
(bags change with the seasons and what is needed)

You may mail them to:
Valiant Veterans
867 Grafton St #10 #2
Worcester MA 01604

Thank you for supporting our troops!

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