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Corporal Gunnar delivers holiday cheer!

Its that time of year where everyone is driving here and there to ensure the find the perfect gift for this family member and that friend. Today, after weeks of planning, collecting and coordinating, Valiant Veterans with the New England Dreams Centers’ Dreams & Wishes program delivered hundreds of donated items to Marine families at Fort Devens, MA.
601182_384533468347858_2066543062_n (1)Our service puppy Corporal Gunnar has been working hard on his mission of Loving Veterans to Life and has spent the whole week collecting and organizing donations for these men and their families and today was finally the day we were able to make the drop. We loaded up a box truck full of brand new microwaves, coffee makers, griddles, blankets, bedding, toiletries, bikes, gift cards and toys for every child of the Marines. It was an incredible effort and incredibly rewarding. Upon our arrival we were greeted and asked if we were the ones who had the toys? We thought to ourselves, “You think you are only getting toys?? Oh boy!” We hopped out of the truck with Corporal Gunnar who stole the show and then opened the door to the back of the truck. Their eyes dropped.

Several Marines helped us unload and carry every item into the tiny office that they had designated for the donations that they certainly had underestimated. We spent some time talking with each of them finding a bit about them and letting Gunnar do what he does best at just 17 weeks old…play and give lots of love. It wasn’t long before they started arguing over who was going to take him home and why they should be the ones.

Our service men and women do not sign up looking for gratitude or anything in return. They sign up freely to fight for and protect us and often times go forgotten and not thanked. Not on our watch! We are loving veterans to life and these Marines were given a donation they will not soon forget and that is the reason for the season! Watching their smiles, hearing their laughs and gratitude was the best gift of all and the only one needed.

In all your shopping this holiday season, consider buying an extra gift and donating it to a veteran in need this holiday. Corporal Gunnar also asks that you do not forget his fellow 4 legged brothers and sisters who keep our men and women safe. Give yourself a gift this Christmas…love our veterans to life!

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Corporal Gunnar is here!

We have recently invested in a service dog named Corporal Gunnar Scott. He is an Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky. Though just a baby right now at 16 weeks he is already up for his mission of Loving Veterans To Life. He is doing great learning all of his new surroundings and enjoying meeting new people each day whether it be in the grocery store, a visit to the New England Dream Centers Adult Day Health program, other puppies in training class, or those whom he is going to serve when we meet them out and about this little guy loves it all.

His disposition and temperament are incredible and he came with many natural instincts that cannot be taught into a dog. He reads emotions incredibly well, knows just who needs him and how he has to interact with them and also knows how he is supposed to act when entering any store or restaurant. We could not be more thrilled with the progress he has made in the 5 short weeks we have had him and expect big and great things from him as he is already helping veterans across the country through his facebook page. Check it out www.facebook.com/gunnarscott.



Veterans Day is around the corner…

Veterans Day is a day for us to thank all of those that have served. To remind them that the sacrifices that they made have not been forgotten and that we appreciate what they have done for us and our country.

On Sunday November 1oth, 2014 please join us in honoring and thanking our troops!
Whether you are a veteran or someone who wishes to show your gratitude, we invite you and your families to attend one of our two coining ceremonies. They will be held at:

10am at the New England Dream Center, 5 Chestnut St, Worcester MA, 01609
11am at Liberty Church, 495 Hartford Turnpike, Shrewsbury MA 01545

We will once again be joined by Senator Michael Moore and have incredible services lined up to show our appreciation as well as celebrate the US Marine Corps birthday with all Marines!

We hope to see you there!

Valiant Veterans

Hello Everyone,


Thank you for checking out our new page!! As you can see we are making some changes and you will now find it easier to apply for our programs right here online. We also now have a twitter page that you can follow along with our facebook page. Its a busy time for Valiant Veterans, we are currently accepting applications for the Master Tradesman Program in property management, our NEDC Life Center is undergoing some renovations and repairs to bring it back to life, and we are gearing up to bring Flags For Our Fallen national this year. It will not only honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice but it will aid those that made it home safely and even those that have served here at home.


We would like to encourage you to follow us on facebook and twitter as we will update each page daily, often including photos and giving updates on what is happening, important deadlines, and ways that you can participate and help support all of our troops both past, present and fallen. Below is a photo of a Marine unit in Iraq supported by Valiant Veterans Operation Christmas Cards.


Have a great weekend!!

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