How To Play Flush Draws In Pot Limit Omaha High

Pot Limit Omaha High is a game of draws and re-draws. In this high-octane poker game is possible for a drawing hand to be a big favorite on the flop – and for this situation to dramatically reverse with a ‘safe’ turn card.

This article looks at flush draws in Pot-Limit Omaha high. We start by noting that not all flush draws are equal and highlighting the importance of drawing only to ‘the nuts’ in Omaha Poker. We will then look at how ‘backup’ in your own hand and combination draws affect how you play.

With 4 ‘hole cards’ per player Omaha poker often sees some very strong hands shown down on the river. The coordinated nature of the starting hands people play includes favoring ‘double suited’ cards – that is 2 cards of each of 2 suits in your hole cards, preferably suited with an ace.

The propensity of opponents to play suited aces means that when drawing to a flush in pot-limit Omaha it is important to ensure that this is the highest possible flush. If you commit your stack with a king-high flush in Pot Limit Omaha you will find yourself on the losing end too often to make this profitable.

Smaller suited cards in your hand can be seen as ‘backup’ rather than a hand you are trying to make. For example if you make a set on the flop and end up facing a straight on the turn those suited cards may just help you win with a small flush on the river. This back-up is valuable in all Omaha hands.

Flush draws alone are often not a money favorite on the flop in Pot Limit Omaha. With 4 starting cards each there is usually a set or at least 2-pair hand against you. What is more the pot-limit betting means you can not usually bet enough to get an opponent to fold.

When your flush contains backup in the form of a pair, 2-pairs of a straight draw you are in a much stronger position. With a number of outs in addition to your flush draw you may well be favorite against top set on the flop. With money already in the pot as an overlay it is profitable to push combination draws hard on the flop – getting all-in where possible. While your opponent’s hand will hold up a percentage of the time, this play will bring in the money more often than not.

October 22, 2018