Loving Veterans To Life



LiveLife Family Day: Celebrating First Responder & Military Families

Reverend Will Bard:
Founder and CEO LiveLife Center and Valiant Veterans

In 1994, Reverend Will Bard pioneered Liberty Church, which would ultimately become a mega church in 2013.  In March of 2006, Reverend Will Bard founded the New England Dream Center (NEDC).  The NEDC became a multifaceted wrap around social service and outreach organization in the northeast region of the U.S.  Its aggressive mission of “Loving People to Life and Beyond”, created a conduit to fulfill its ultimate goal in bring people from “Social Dependency to Social Contributors”.  Consequently in 2011, Reverend Will founded the international outreach in Ruiru Kenya, Dream Center Kenya.

2011, Will started the NEDC’s newest initiative, Valiant Veterans(VV),and by 2013 had already brought recognition and honor to the individuals and their families that serve our nation, through multiple events including a first of its kind coining ceremony.

February 2014, Reverend Will Bard retired from the Liberty Church and the NEDC, to work solely on the work of VV, and the founding of LiveLife Center (LLC), a non-profit entity.  LLC/VV is currently establishing a fully staffed professional clinical and therapeutic wellness center with a housing condo association to be occupied only by veterans and their families.  Located on a 14 acre parcel, in Central Southern New England, which will also provide fulltime jobs in eco friendly environments, as well as job training, and multiple other opportunities’, this concept provides all the living, wellness, job, and advocacy for our veterans all in one location; thereby, making it the first of its kind initiative, for veterans and families, in the United States.


LiveLife Center Launching Dinner

Amanda Sullivan
Executive Director and Co-Founder, Valiant Veterans

Executive Director, LiveLife Center

2009, at age 23, Amanda Sullivan started a program to appreciate deployed troops during the holiday season resulting in the launch of OCC (Operation Christmas Cards). Receiving support from every U. S. state and 20 foreign countries, to date, 1.5 million cards were delivered, with 400,000 delivered in 2013. Because of this effort, Amanda was awarded 2012 Patriots Difference Maker, by NFL’s New England Patriots.

In 2011, she marshaled an effort called, Flags for our Fallen. Its cause is to bring awareness for passed veterans on Memorial Day each near. Nearly 2000 flags displayed this year with other institutions and individuals joining this movement on their campuses and homes.

2012, Amanda brought her two concepts in line with Reverend Will Bard’s mission and vision for veterans. Both efforts now exist under and with the LiveLife Center/Valiant Veterans (LLC/VV) 501c3 non-profit organization. Since joining LLC/VV, Amanda has been a partner and founder in its current life and mission. Her main objectives are advancement and awareness of LLC and works to establish non-traditional therapy programs, such as art, music, and animal (horse, dog, etc).


Deployment Homecoming

Sgt Juan Valdez & Christen McGrath
USMC Retired
26-Jan-04 to 30-Dec-13

Valiant Veterans, West Coast Advocates

January, 2004 Juan Valdez a native of the Dominican Republic, raised in 
Roslindale, MA, enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Now medically retired, December 2013, Sgt. Juan Valdez served honorably in the Global War on Terrorism. After four deployments to the Middle East, and involved in 200+ operations Sgt Valdez was wounded in action by a gunshot wound to the arm and chest. He is the recipient of the Purple Heart for being wounded in action during Operation Iraqi Freedom, a Navy and Marine Corps achievement medal, with “V” for valor, for actions during combat, as well as a combat action ribbon.

Today, Sgt Valdez suffers from PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) and Fibromyalgia and is now enrolled, in higher education, working towards a law degree to advocate for multifaceted issues facing our veterans. He is most noted when seen with his ‘life battle buddy’, Midas’. A rugged, but gentle boxer service dog, who is by Sgt Valdez’s side at all times. Though Midas was trained to sense all the emotional triggers of one traumatized and living with PTS, Sgt Valdez would call Midas his ‘life line’. Without Midas, he would not be able to attend school, be in crowds or even stand before assemblies. Together, Sgt Valdez, Midas and fiancé Christen McGrath is a formidable team advocating for combat veterans and their needs now and in the future. Creating the much needed awareness for Valiant Veterans and the LiveLife Center, on the U.S. west coast, between those in civilian life and military life, working to understand and appreciate life, happiness and freedom.