Loving Veterans To Life


Many of our veterans are returning home jobless and unable to provide for their families, 30% or more suffer from PTSD and many others from countless disabilities and it is the heart and desire of Valiant Veterans to help bridge the gap from military life to civilian life and provide assistance and support to our nations heroes that need it.

Veterans Statistics:

  • 30% return with PTSD
  • 1 in 4 homeless males is a veteran
  • 1 in 3 homeless females is a veteran
  • 23% of the population are homeless veterans
  • 89% received honorable discharge
  • 76% experience alcohol, drug or mental problems
  • May 2012 national unemployment rate at 8.1% and 12.7% among Iraq/Afghan Vets
  • 30% of veterans 18-24 are unemployed
  • Veterans make up 7% of the US population yet account for 30% of all suicides each year
  • 22 veterans a day commit suicide, 1 every 63 minutes with only 21 states used in this data
  • 731 VA facilities with over 120,000 veterans enrolled in past year WAITING for care
  • 700,000 estimated veterans reside in correctional facilities
  • Over 130 Veterans Courts have been established to assist with certain crimes committed indirectly to combat service
  • An estimated 1 in 8 veterans struggle with substance abuse
  • Most correctional facilities report the need or creation of veterans “blocks”

Veterans in Masschusetts (as of 9/30/2012)
Total Veterans: 388,539
Wartime: 283,342
Peacetime: 105,196
Male: 355,589
Female: 32,950

Valiant Veterans:
Provides the tools and resources necessary to successfully help those in need navigate their way back into a purpose filled life. Programs offered will include those in workforce training, PTSD support, female veterans support, job placement assistance, clinical and nontraditional therapies such as art, music, equine etc, assistance with service dog training and more

Valiant Veterans Statistics since November 2013

  • 1,00,000 holiday cards collected world wide and shipped to deployed troops
  • 647 “Go Bags” with essential items given to homeless veterans on the streets
  • FREE ARTillery art therapy program to veterans, spouses and children launched with 2 successful art shows
  • 319 care packages to deployed service men and women
  • 43 care packages deployed MWD (Military Working Dogs) with; boots, cooling mats, treats, toys, other items for handlers
  • 2.700 flags adorned with ribbons of handwritten names of our fallen in honor of Memorial Day ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16
  • 350+ veterans coined in Veterans Day celebrations
  • Critical need assistance to 143 service members with service animals needing support
  • Critical need assistance to 121 veterans/military spouses via food and house hold needs
  • LiveLife Family Day: Celebrating First Responder & Military Families for 1,000+ attendees (2014/2015)
  • Education and awareness of thousands about life saving impacts service dogs have on our veterans
  • Education and awareness of thousands about service dog etiquette
  • Provided Complete Thanksgiving dinner for 1250+ active duty Marines and family members plus 10 additional military families in need
  • 765 veterans, active duty and military family members assisted with holiday gifts
  • 44 Single Marines and 21 Marine families adopted for Christmas with gifts and Christmas meal provided
  • 1200 Holiday GO bags filled with essentials and holiday goodies distributed, 300 to the New England Center for Homeless Veterans
  • 210 Holiday care bags for those in substance abuse recovery
  • 200 complete bedding sets and blankets for beds in recovery homes
  • 200 complete towel sets for recovery homes
  • Complete Christmas Dinner and Christmas party for 100 in substance abuse recovery (2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Christmas Pizza Party and small gifts for 435 active Navy Sailors