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LiveLife Center

LiveLife Center Research Overview:

Our disabled veterans, predominantly those suffering from the unseen wounds, should not have to choose between therapy and their families. Currently, if a veteran in trauma needs care, he has to separate from his family. Or, if he chooses to live at home, he is separated from the daily therapy that is often needed. The current system does not provide for families to live together, long term, while our wounded veteran is receiving daily therapeutic care. If a veteran needs overnight or long-term care, his/her only choice is a hospital setting, which is predominately institutional living.

LiveLife Center Concept:

Offering a fourfold approach to the wellness and transition, of our combat veterans and families, by providing the following:

• Therapeutic wellness clinic, An inpatient/outpatient, for disabled and traumatized veterans
• Non-traditional therapy programs such as art, music, fishing, horse, dog, and multiple areas of interest, all creating an environment for the emotional and neurological state to heal. (See Valiant Veterans Programs for more information)
• Civilian Housing; a garden style condo/apartment association with studio, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units available. (Disabled veterans and their families)
• Jobs and Workforce; by creating a eco-friendly and green environment our hydroponics farming, traditional farming, solar energy, landscaping and property management will create an estimated 50 fulltime to part-time jobs on site.

LiveLife Center Property and Facility:

Currently, we are under agreement to purchase, in central MA, a 14 acre parcel of land with a modern 2002 5 bedroom, multi-bath and function rooms, with attached space to build out the first studio transition apartments and barn for animal therapy and the ‘Gunnar Center’ an assisted training program for service dogs.

MUST WATCH:  … this three minute film portrays exactly why LiveLife Center is vital.

A film from Project Green Light, produced by Mark D. Manalo
Please Note: ***TRIGGER WARNING***