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The Wire

wirelogo1 in 8 veterans struggle with some form of substance abuse and for many it is related to their combat service. It is costing them their families, their jobs, and in many cases their lives as 22 veterans a day continue to commit suicide. This is rapidly becoming an epidemic that has a solution!
The Wire was being designed and is named by a Marine that knew that struggle all too well and lost his war at home in January of 2015. He was working diligently with our team to create a peer to peer veterans recovery community to journey together in their sobriety. In his honor, we will fast tracking this program, working hard with its leadership team and launching the program near Memorial Day of 2015. The program will go beyond the typical weekly or daily meeting, rather it also have celebration nights, group activities and outings to create a healthy lifestyle and a network of peer support where those around you will help you continue to make positive choices moving forward one day at a time.

Why the name ‘The Wire’? When in combat and outside the wire, you are in the danger zone, fighting for your life, such as you are when you are using or drinking. Inside the wire, you are safer, though danger is always lurking right outside the perimeter just the same as when you are sober. You are clean and safe, but off in the distance is always that temptation and for those struggling with substance abuse you are either living safely inside the wire, or dangerously outside the wire.

10934567_586152899077_156632254_nThis will be a program lead by veterans and for veterans but is also designed to include a family component to support them as well as empower them to be a support system. The Wire will become one of the leading innovative recovery programs creating a nationwide support system for our brave men and women and their families that support them. We greatly look forward to sharing more information with you, introducing you to those that will be leading and assisting various components as well as our launch in honor of an incredible Marine that will never be forgotten!

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